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“I had smoked for 15 years, mainly socially but fairly heavily regardless, when I decided to try and quit with the aid of hypnotherapy. I had one session with Laura in February 2015 and happily I have not smoked since. I won’t pretend that will power and a desire to quit isn’t essential to giving up, but without Laura’s help I very much doubt I would have succeeded alone. Frankly, the money I spent on a hypnotherapy session with Laura is some of the best money I’ve ever spent.” - Bill

"i couldnt believe after one session my cravings for sweets had completely gone" - Sarah

"i didnt believe that Hypnotherapy could help, it was my last attempt and after only 3 sessions not only had the reason i cam to Laura in the first place been resolved, but i was actually looking forward to planning the future" - Dave

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