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How to deal with cravings

Whether you’re giving up smoking, alcohol or trying to lose weight, cravings can make it that much harder to give up and stay on track. Here are some helpful tips to help you overcome them and reach your goal.

Visualisation – keep a picture in your mind of why you are doing this every time you feel like lighting up, going for the bottle or tucking into something unhealthy, stop and think about why you are doing this. Is that little white stick, glass of alcohol or chocolate bar worth missing out on what you really want? Ask yourself is it making you happy?

Breaking the habit – we are creatures of habit and the best way to get out of the habit of doing something unhealthy is by completely changing the routine. For example if you sit on a particular seat on the sofa move to another one, it’s about changing all the little details that create that automatic thinking. Then in no time this new healthy way of life will be your new habit.

Distraction- distracting ourselves is paramount to breaking our old ways, why not try that course you’ve always wanted to do, start that project at the back of your wardrobe, have a clear out. There are so many ways to distract our mind from thinking about what we’re giving up and achieving something positive in the meantime without creating different unhealthy behaviours.

Rewards- set yourself a reward system, why not put the money you would have spent in a jar so you can watch it grow. Set yourself goals and when you reach them reward yourself, it’s important to have that goal to work towards and incentivise on the way.

Relaxation – managing stress is vital, try to do 1 thing a day that’s just for you and no one else, whatever you like to do to unwind and keep those stress levels down to a minimum. Whether its going for a run, a bubble bath to listening to your favourite music. We all need that ‘me’ time in order to look after other people and keep strong.

Facing the issue – all behaviour is created for a reason, talk to someone and try to figure out just why it started. Was it there out of boredom, loneliness, comfort? There is nothing wrong in needing help through a difficult time. If it is make us unhappy then it’s time to give it up and look at what it was masking.

When giving up anything it usually takes on average two weeks for your body to completely rid itself of those toxins whether it’s unhealthy food, alcohol or even smoking the body will need time to repair itself, just know that after those two weeks you will feel absolutely amazing your skin will appear brighter, your sleep will improve as well as your moods and those cravings will be a long and distant memory.


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