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New Year, New You. Goal Setting Done Right

Happy New Year! What if you were to make this the year you really did it? You stuck to your goals and made that dream future a reality. The future you really do deserve. So often we make resolutions that we don’t really mean so that they intentionally fail. We fall into the trap of broad statements, recycling another year of unwanted habits.

But what if you were to look at your goal setting in a different way? I have outlined an effective way to look at your goals for the new year using NLP and Transactional Analysis techniques. So, sit comfortably with a pen and paper and let’s give it a go.

My Goals for this Year: ________________________________________

1.     Please list between one and five professional and/or personal goal(s) that you will achieve by the end of this year:


2.     (If you listed more than one goal, please do the following steps for each goal, using separate sheets if necessary):


3.     Now look back at the list and with a different coloured pen write under each one to indicate if they are TO DO, TO HAVE, TO GET, TO BE, TO RELATE. i.e. to HAVE more confidence, to BE more assertive etc.


4.     What will I be moving towards by achieving this goal? (List from one to five things:)


5.     What's in it for me to move towards these things?


6.     What will I be moving away from by achieving this goal? (List from one to five things:)


7.     What's in it for me to move away from these things?


8.     What is the common value that is served for me by (3) and (5) together?


9.     What do you now have to do next in order to be able to start working towards achieving these? Ask yourself “what do I have to do now”?


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