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5 Ways to Survive Christmas

With Christmas holidays just around the corner having been in our shops since September, we can all be forgiven for sometimes getting a little sick of the stress that is Christmas. It can be a wonderful time to rest and recharge our batteries after a busy year and also be a time of stress and conflict, here are 5 ways in which to help you survive this holiday season:

1- Create YOUR Christmas. The perfect Christmas does not exist, dare to create your ideal day with those around you. Don’t compare yourself to others, there is only one of you and you are enough.

2- Think about your budget, 1 day is not worth spending the rest of the year paying it off. The success of Christmas is not determined by how much money is spent.

3- Christmas time can be a trigger for us and others around us especially during the grieving process. Be sensitive to those around you who may be struggling and give as much support as needed. If you are struggling then let those around you know, ask for support and speak to someone about what is going on for you.

4- Conflict is completely normal in any relationship but when there is expectation involved it can lead to disappointment and anger. Have a conversation with family and friends early to understand their expectations and really think about if you can meet them.

5- Use this time to recharge your batteries and above all else have fun. Fun doesn’t need to cost anything it can be to go for a walk with friends or read that book you’ve been meaning to, watch that film that fills your heart with joy. This is your time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Remember you are not alone in how you think or feel, whether you love Christmas or hate it always remember it is one day so get through it your way, find what works for you there is no perfect solution.


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